Lixian Wang

Content Marketing

  • Senior Content Operation Specialist  |  February 2019 to July 2019 

        Beijing Iqiyi Science & Technology Co., LTD, China

  • Content Operation Specialist  |  December 2014 to March 2018

        Tencent Technology (Beijing) Company Limited, China

Experience in Video Content Operation, Operational Plan Creation,  Data Analysis, Users Behavior Analysis, Product Operation, Subscription Service, Live Stream Technology, Cross-Departmental Cooperation, Social Media Marketing.

Personal Characteristics: Problem Solver, Cooperative, Self-motivated, Organized.

I have worked as Variety Shows Content Operation Specialist successively in two major video streaming platforms, Tencent and IQIYI, since 2014. With initiative and excellent systematical management, I played essential roles in more than 15 key projects throughout my previous experiences. The key performance indicators of my jobs are page views (PV), unique visitors (UV), video views (VV). Besides, the number of subscribers, creative marketing strategies, maximized the commercial value of content, innovative plans for improving existing products are also critical criteria.

In the digital era, content is the king. Having experience in video production helps me a lot to be a mature content operation specialist——not only familiar with the production process but also having abilities to catch highlights of stories. I told or rebuilt stories in different ways to reach to engage the broadest range of audiences by social media, App notifications and ads, etc. Also, to formulate strategies and methodologies for projects, I spent much of my time analyzing daily data and user behaviors, which were conducive to prejudging video content trends. Mastering the relationship between content and audiences is vital to maximize the project value and gain word of mouth for platforms in the competitive market.


  • Business Breakthrough Award  |   Variety Show – The Coming One, Tencent Technology, 2017
  • The Outstanding Employee | Tencent Technology, 2016