Company: Tencent Video, Beijing

My Roles: Live Stream Content Operation Specialist & Creative Product Operator

Duration: December, 2016 – January, 2017

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The Spring Festival Gala, also as known as the CCTV New Year’s Gala, is the most important live stream broadcast on the eve of Chinese New Year annually, and it has the largest audience all around the world. Tencent Video was one of the online platforms to relay the gala’s live stream and promoted the gala’s content in its creative ways.

In 2017, included CCTV New Year’s Gala, Tencent Video relayed 14 galas of different provincial television stations in total.

Remarkable Achievements

  • Nearly 50 million users watched the live stream and earned 600 million views of the video on demand, occupied the largest market share 
  • 9 million users liked the voices interactive game of 40 celebrities blessings, of which Liu Tao became the most popular celebrity who gained nearly 2 million liked
  • The commercialization industry and investment coverage grew by 300% year on year
  • Gained reputations and compliments for the platform in fierce competition market

Content Marketing Strategies

→ Interactive Game

According to data and analysis, I knew that users would get bored after they watched the live stream for a certain time. Based on the traditional customs of red pockets and blessings during the spring festival, I came up with two Interactive games and collaborated with the VIP departments to increase the number of subscribers and complete the commercial KPI.

One is the Voice Blessings. My co-worker and I invited 40 celebrities in China to record their blessings beforehand and shared them during the gala. Users can listen and like the blessings from their idols while watching the gala, which can help us create an immersive environment that celebrities accompany with users.

Mobile Interface
Website Interface

Another one is the lottery game called Fortune Bag. We collaborated with the VIP department to attract and maintain the relationship with users and the platform by sharing gift cards randomly. Besides, we announced a special gifts in advance to keep users playing the game and staying active.

The UI Design of Fortune Bag

→ Content Integration and Promotion

Aim to keep connect to both active and potential users and maximize the value of all contents, I built special pages and tabs to integrate and promote different galas contents, trailers of TV shows and varieties, etc., for mobile application and website.

Besides, I arranged a friendly host to keep updating the shows by text and images materials, and chat with users so that users won’t miss anything they wanted to know. Also, it could help users feel like they are connected with people all around the nation and the world.

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