Lixian Wang

The Coming One, Singing Competition Online Program


Company: Tencent Video, Beijing

My Roles: Content Operation Specialist (Live Stream & On-Demand Video), Platform Product Coordinator

Award: Business Breakthrough Award, 2017

Duration: December 2016 to September 2017, from planning till the end


Strived to promote new music idols, The Coming One is one of the most successful online singing competitions variety show in China to date. The show invited three superstars Yang Mi, Hua Chenyu, and Xue Zhiqian, as “Star Promoters” to help amateur contenders win the championship. At the later stage of the competition, fans have the right to decide who would be the most popular idol. Finally, Mao Buyi, well-known for his talent and original songs, came out as the first winner and became a real singer-songwriter.

Remarkable Achievements

  • Broke the play record of online variety shows: 4 billion views of 15 on-demand episodes; more than 30 million people watched the 12 live episodes on average, and the final episode reached the peak which was watched by nearly 40 million audiences.
  • The first attempt to promote Personalized VIP  Camera of specific idols in live stream, attracting a number of new subscribers.
  • 165 singles were released in 15 episodes and played by 4 billion times on QQ Music, Kugou Music, and Kuwo Music. Besides, Mao Buyi’s song Xiaochou became the most popular one, which occupied the first prize in the ranking of QQ Music for 11 days and played more than 5 billion times.
  • Broke the advertising income and to C income records of online variety shows on Tencent Video.
  • Became China’s summer hit program in 2017, and set the tone for how China’s future idols are identified, groomed, and transformed into celebrities in the digital era.

Content Marketing Strategies

→ Various Related Videos Complemented Episodes

→ Identified Amateur Contenders By Nicknames & Re-created MV With Original Songs

→ Set Up Personalized VIP Camera For Contenders During Live Streaming